Beauty savourer, software engineer, social entrepreneur, songwriter and amateur nature photographer.

My name is David, a man of many interests, based in Accra, Ghana. I run Near For Good, where we build technologies that bring out the full potential of people in the developing world.

The Wonder of Creating

It amazes me every time I see something that exists now where nothing existed before. One day there was no me but at some point in history, I came to be. People, objects, ideas, songs, and even this blog post. It is more amazing when I am the one that makes that thing.

How Old Is My Case?

A poem inspired by a place where the Namib desert meets the Atlantic ocean


One needs a certain amount of naivety to approach problems, believing there are solutions for them. The kind of naivety that breeds curiosity. And when combined, no problem is out of the reach of a solution.

On Feeling Inadequate

I recently sat with my friend and talked about my life-long battle with self confidence and feeling inadequate. And how God through the scriptures is helping me.