One needs a certain amount of naivety to approach problems, believing there are solutions for them. The kind of naivety that breeds curiosity. And when combined, no problem is out of the reach of a solution.

There is, however, another kind of naivety that pushes for less information. It advocates for you to stay and maximise the comfort of what is because if you don't see the problem, there is none. It is like the myth of ostriches hiding their heads in the ground to become naive of the issues in their surroundings. This kind of naivety doesn't solve any problems. It never has and never will.

Naivety isn't always a bad thing. The differentiator is in how curious you remain. To your naivety, I hope you add curiosity. Foolishness can be wise if you choose to stay hungry.

"Stay foolish, stay hungry"
~ Steve Jobs

"Wonder begets wisdom"
~ Socrates