I am trying to read the whole Bible this year. I have tried four or five times already but haven’t been able to complete it.

Today I read the creation story. One thing that caught my attention was the amount of time God used in completing the earth project. I have been - and I’m still - awed at how He made it all in 7 days. Today however, I am awed by how He didn’t choose to do it in a way shorter time.

On the first day, God spoke just 6 words (I use the NLT). And the next day just over 20 words. I thought about what I would have done and it is very likely that I would have attempted speaking no less that 10 to 20 words every minute. I would have strived to do it all in 30 minutes or less. But God took His time: 6 words the first day.

How often I try to do too much in a short time and how often I fail and become impatient with my growth. Yes, the line between being patient and being lazy is thin sometimes but the story of creation is one of patience. For things to grow, I need to give them time.

As I start over this year, I pray I build a strong habit of patience, allowing things to happen in time.